Slide Your Future.. with Sliiider

The app you all been waiting for is finally here. Go check it out on Google Play, and be a part of our social networking marketplace using nothing but your smartphone!

What makes it so awesome

Sliiider - Innovative Social Network Marketplace for businesses, sellers, buyers, gamers and agents.

New concept

For buyers: Shopping and entertainment center with wide product and services line as well as flexible discounts and bonuses;
For businesses: Cost free innovative ads & online shop tools, access to smartphones client’s audience, customer attraction & retention programs, referral and targeting system.
For agents: Ability to get passive incomes by involving new vendors & buyers and building customers referral system 
For game vendors: Games promotion platform.
For all users: Multilevel cashback and passive incomes program; Internal virtual currency (Slidecoins) earning; option to convert it in future to cryptocurrency.


You will earn Slidecoins by any action you do. Spent your Slidecoins buying discounts. Send the discount coupons to your friends as a gift.

Awesome Design

Enjoy all the app features, along with a great, and intuitive design.


The app sync mechanism, and top notch communication protocol, guarantying that your progress and achievements are kept secured.


We won’t bore you with irrelevant ads and proposals. You get only offers relevant to you're interests, choice and location.

How it works

Once you download Sliiider on your device, and sign in using Facebook, you start earning your coins – SlideCoins, with one of these options:

Slide Left

To open the Game Central, where you can pick a game, and start earning a slidecoin for each point you get in the game.

Slide UP

To open the ad link. Entering the ad’s link will reward you with 3 more slidecoins.
With these coins, you'll be able to win or porches discounts for one of the advertiser's products.

Slide Right

To unlock, and earn a single slidecoin.

With these coins, you'll be able to win or porches discounts for one of the advertiser's products.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the coins I earn?

Glad you asked! We offer you a hole Marketplace, where you can purchase awesome coupons of your choice, from our companions. Today, you can only buy coupons and products of the leading sushi bars here in Israel. But with time, as new advertisers join our platform, new products will be offered.

How can I transport coins from one of my devices to another?

The coins are registered to your account, not your device. This means that on every device you log into, the coins will be synced from your account.

Can I convert my coins to real money?

Not yet, but we are getting there. Soon. Meanwhile, feel free to buy more of the excellent coupons in our Marketplace.

How can I start as vendor?

  • Create your vendor account
  • Start to advertise your ads banners
  • Start to advertise your QRpons (coupons) with discounts
  • Create your online shop and start selling
Just call us and we will accompany you throughout all these steps.


Download it now

Go check it out on Google Play, and be a part of the new way of making money, with your very own smartphone!